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Diamond Foundry

Reinventing the $100B diamond industry
from mine to finger

Martin and Ritu reached out to Anatta Design in December of 2015 with a strong desire to fix their infrastructure. Even though the current systems were less than 3 months old, it was falling apart internally. And with the high demands of any startup who have investors in the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, they needed experts to come in and guide them to the next stage.

Diamond Foundry was live online as a marketplace. As soon as we came onboard, we shifted them into the eCommerce space instead. And that meant a few key things:

"We work fast. We're a growing brand who has lots of demands from our customers. Anatta helped us satisfy all of them and more over the 1.5 years we worked with them. They did it with ease, great communication, and a true focus on performance & quality"
R Martin Roscheisen


We started with a team of 2 dedicated developers (1 frontend, 1 backend) and one full time project manager from our own team. Starting there, we took the following steps:

End 2015

took over management of all their web assets (over 25+ sites with social communities and eCommerce). Removed WordPress Multisite, unused/bad plugins, and bad theme code. Added in the healthy good stuff with Git Deployments, WPEngine site management, and great plugins.

Early 2016

began converting the site from a marketplace to a more straightforward eCommerce business. this meant standardizations and focus on conversion improvement

Mid 2016

launched v1.5 of the current site design as we get ramped up for the 2.0 buildout. this includes a massive rebuild to the underlying components of the site including how it loads, where data is fetched from, how urls dynamically change, and building a very friendly UX for finding and purchasing products.

End 2016

launched a complete redesign with new media (photography, videos) that accentuated their partnership with Barneys and their recent acquisition of Vrai & Oro. In addition, thousands of new searchable pages were added to the index along with a sync to Google Shopping.

Early 2017

Launched a brand new API for B2B & Affiliates to have access to the diamond inventory and make the products available on their storefronts. Additionally, completed operational goals for better accounting practices and B2B purchasing funnels.

Results is a fast loading, redesigned, editable eCommerce site as or right now.. They are able to release new products with ease, develop marketing plans with their website, and manage full operations completely independent of Anatta Design. The server is managed now by on call systems administrators.

In addition, here's some metrics:

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