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A Fast Growing Natural Health
eCommerce Brand

Philip reached out to Anatta Design in Sept of 2014 with a strong desire to re design their eCommerce experience. The current systems were too niche, a bit outdated, and you customers faced difficulty understanding the product.

They were functional. But they wanted to be better than that - they wanted a real business that could reach millions in revenue. They wanted to get to the next level. That meant a few key things:


We started with a team of 2 dedicated developers (1 frontend, 1 backend) and one full time designer from our own team. Starting there, we took the following steps:

End 2014

started our engagement with a 2 month UI design and messaging process whereby we designed and wrote every page of the new site.

Early 2015

completed the redesign by developing and launching the new website exclusively on Magento.


helped maintain the overall website and launched features such as product subscriptions, kits, and additional content pages.


completed a brand new reskinning and redevelopment by narrowing down on the target user. With an influx of site visitors coming from one community that had clear demographic information, the messaging and design was updated to capture this audience.

Results is a full fledged online business in 2017. They are able to release new products with ease, develop marketing plans with their website and their Mailchimp marketing lists, and manage full operations completely independent of Anatta Design. Anatta Design only acts in a maintenance role with existing functionalities while spending the majority of time on the NEXT steps to making the business grow.

Vimergy has grown to do millions in online sales. This is exclusive of their sales done through Amazon and outside partners.

The site has a 6% ecommerce conversion rate for the entire 2016 year, the highest of any of our clients.

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