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The first fashionable eco flats for women

Stephen and Roth reached out to Anatta Design in November of 2013 when they just had the idea of their 3D printed seamless shoes. We met in Oakland for some coffee. While there was no beta product just yet - they wanted to reach out to the team that had worked on one of their favorite online brands - Cuyana.

It wasn’t until the end of 2015 that the BETA product was ready to go live. And we started to work together. From the very first launch page to the very first iteration of their website, we helped them with:


We started with a team of 1 dedicated developers (1 frontend) and have moved now to a team of 3 dedicated personnel (1 frontend, 1 backend, 1 designer). We took the following steps over the years:

End 2015

launched v1 of the eCommerce store on Shopify.

Early 2016

iterated heavily on the design and added new pages for marketing purposes

Mid 2016

figured out the app structures for all operational needs and pre-ordering. As the sales grew, these things needed to be figured out and configured.

End 2016

launched a v2 of the eCommerce store right before the big holiday season. Ensure the site stayed up and built in pre-ordering after selling out in 8 hours.

Early 2017

working to realize potential revenue from enhanced funnels and eCommerce experiences. Focusing on mobile design & user experience.

Results is a well branded and scalable eCommerce experience in 2017. In less than 1 year after launch, they have sold more than 20,000 pairs of shoes.

Rothys has grown to do millions in online sales. This is exclusive of their sales done through their website only, not through any other partner.

The site has above a 2% ecommerce conversion rate for the entire 2016 year, well above industry standards.

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