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Ron Robinson

A high-end lifestyle retailer e-commerce site that sells carefully curated products by several top-selling brands

Introduced to Ron & Stacy through our good friends at e11even X, we were brought on at a time where had just been migrated to Magento from Volusion. And a few things happened:

Our analysis led us to the following strategy:


We started with a team of 1 dedicated Magento Certified developer (1 backend) and then added a full time User Experience and User Interface designer plus a User Interface Magento developer:

Mid 2016

took over complete management of their web assets from another agency covering all web related needs. Moved hosts, brought the code to a stable position, inserted a brand new checkout.

End 2016

wanting to capitalize on the holiday season and knowing we only had a few months - we took the components of the funnel that had the lowest conversion rates and redesigned them. We launched a brand new homepage, header, footer, and product page without a complete overhaul.

Early 2017

moving further down the funnel to complete the redesign, we focused on Category, Subcategory, Designer, Cart, and Checkout pages. We plan to complete the full relaunch by end of March 2017.


Guiding Principles for the Redesign

Ron Robinson had a solid customer base, an eclectic assortment of high-quality products, a discerning lineup of brands - and even a feature in a rock song. But their website seemed a little too dated, too colorless to accommodate all that the brand had to offer.

And it wasn’t just the visual design that needed upgrading. There were a number of hiccups in the user experience as well. The site was functional, but hadn’t made the user their absolute number one priority. We wanted to design a site that prioritised the user’s needs and expectations.

We covered the redesign in the following order:

Here were our primary guiding principles :

Header + Footer Redesign

Homepage Redesign

The homepage essentially needs to captivate the unsure user, the user who comes looking for nothing in particular, just about enough to tip him over to purchasing something. Hence :

Category + Subcategory Page Redesign

Product Detail Page Redesign

Category Landing Page Redesign

It’s the undecided user who would usually reach to the Category Landing page, someone who wants to be sold to or be persuaded to buy.

Shop by Designer + Designer Page Redesign

We created this page from scratch. Previously, RR simply had a rambling alphabetical listing of designers - there was no way to find a particular designer and we weren’t calling out our star players.

Checkout + Shopping Cart Page

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