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Marie Forleo

The 2017 BSchool Class

Marie was introduced to us through our amazing and most wonderful client, Danielle LaPorte at the start of 2016. Marie was looking for a development partner, someone that would feel like her own team. And not only do we love being apart of a team - we also loved Marie’s work - so there wasn’t a better fit!

So in September of 2016, Geada who serves as creative director & designer extraordinaire on Marie’s team came to visit our offices. And we decided to start small. But small really didn’t come up - we instead took on something big: the complete redesign & redevelopment of

They needed a team that could execute on:


We started with a team of 2.5 dedicated developers (2 frontend, 1 design oversight). Starting there, we took the following steps:

Nov 2016

Began our engagement with full design review and creation of the sales funnel - Optin + Player pages. We created over 8-10 different versions for testing purposes.

Dec 2016

Moved onto a microsite that included pages like Program Detail, FAQs, and Reviews. The Reviews was the most intensive as the entire experience was a single page (with 133 reviews using multiple media forms).

Jan 2016

Prepared for launch by completing all pages 2 weeks in advance to go through intense QA and bug fixing. This safety net was maintained.

Feb 2016

Completed a very successful launch of all pages on a timed scheduled and provided bug fixing support as they rolled in. Most bugs handled within 1 hour of reporting.

Results launched for the very first time in 2017 without last minute scrambling. Better than that, it was the first time that both Marie and Tana did not need to be involved in the development or QA process.

The site was launched on time. There were no crashes of any sort. Affiliate tracking went off without a hitch. Every device and browser was able to access the site quickly and accurately. And all 200,000+ pixels of design were executed to the T!

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