We are Anatta Design.

We build and optimize online businesses.

Anatta Design makes eCommerce work

Better and Smarter.

Our products are built to save users
time and help you convert.

Awesome Checkout

conversion improvement to
Clean Program
The Clean Program(a Magento Enterprise, multi-Million dollar store)

My Abandonded Carts

most popular
in Magento
(Magento Connect)

All of them were born out of our work consulting with top online business to create better-performing shopping experiences.

The process by which Anatta optimizes eCommerce sites goes unmatched.

  • Split a/b..n Testing of core eCommerce funnel pages
  • Page Components
  • Copy Writing
  • Abandonment Prevention through email marketing
  • Bounce Detection
  • Use of Awesome Checkout
  • Heat Mapping Utilities to find weakest areas
    of every marketing page
  • Funnel tracking
  • Customized Weekly Reports indicating
    dropoff points for conversion

At the heart of Anatta Design lies the team. The team's code:

The Anatta Design team is
led by CEO, Nirav Sheth

Nirav Sheth founded Anatta Design in 2008 after four years working in a web development firm Boost. Anatta Design has grown under his leadership to more than 20 creatives, developers, and project managers. Nirav is involved in each and every project to ensure it's true success.
Nirav's special talents lie in user experience, conversion optimization, and e-commerce usability.

The Anatta Design team is located in Oakland,
California with a single satellite office in New Delhi, India.

With 24 hour cycles, Anatta Design ensures speedy development
and "always up" availability.

Work With Us

Need help with a Magento or WordPress project?
Give us a holler and we’ll let you know how we
think we can help. Anatta consulting projects start
at $15,000.

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