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The Anatta way to building successful online businesses.

1. Integrate story with product, product with story

Your brand, your vision, your business get communicated through your story. And the action you’re having customers take is to buy into that business.

The best eCommerce site is one that constantly combines story with products and vice versa.

2. Design a beautiful fluid experience.

Not just responsive. Not just interactive. But intuitive, simple, clean, and digestible. Great design creates an experience that people remember.

A memorable eCommerce experience is one in which finding and buying what you were looking for was seamless. It felt good to buy.

3. Curate the results.

More options and variety only add to the confusion of shopping. It’s when the results come back in a digestible manner that customers start to engage.

Creating curated results visit after visit shows not only care, but a mission to help the customer.

4. Ask customers less.

When a customer is ready to buy, the fastest path to completion is the path to carve out. Burdening them with signups, non-required questions, and extra fields impedes this path.

Remove the clutter and distractions from the cart and checkout not only improves conversions, but defines a shopping experience that customers get behind.

5. Give customers more.

A few customers might be interested in reward points. But what they crave for is amazing customer support and direct one-on-one shopping experiences.

There’s no better feeling that feeling supported. Being guided.

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