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From Living Community to
Online Community

Adam Neumann and Miguel McKelvey reached out to Anatta Design in December of 2011 with an opportunity in hand that needed the right guys. WeWork had 5 locations with funding from a few large investors, but they had their eyes set on one specific investor. And in order to get them, they needed to complete a full buildout of their online portal for their members within 6 months start to finish.

Adam needed someone who knew would push it to the finish line. And though they had hundreds of developers that worked at their offices, they called Anatta Design. The reasons were for Adam were:


We started with a team of 3 dedicated developers (1 frontend, 2 backend) and 1 dedicated project manager. Starting there, we took the following steps:

Early 2012

took over the codebase from an existing architect/developer and a small team of rails developers. Put in place a process of Pivotal Tracker user stories, Balsamiq wireframes, and a bi-weekly release cycle. Started seeing live iterations quickly.

Mid 2012

built out the first online method for WeWork members to book conference rooms, manage their office move-in/out processes, and manage their printing & usage.

End 2012

built out v1 of the online social network with online “Business Cards” for each and every member. It was the first time that WeWork members could see who was on their floor, their building, and the larger community.

Early 2013

built out v2 of the online social network with more interactions, larger feature set, and more dynamic capabilities.

Mid 2013

completely renovated their entire billing infrastructure with help of the accounting team. First time the team could see real time account numbers.

End 2013

transitioned in a team of fulltime developers hired internally to WeWork that could be managed and orchestrated from New York.


WeWork locked down their largest round of funding to date at the end of 2012 from Benchmark Capital. WeWork established a completely agile development practice where they could launch a new iteration of their site and iPhone app on a bi-weekly cycle. And lastly, WeWork had a core platform from which to grow from between 2013-2016 without having to rebuild from scratch.

The Anatta Design team worked tirelessly with Adam and Miguel for over 2+ years. And when WeWork needed to transition to a local staff, Anatta Design was the first to help out. We love seeing a company outgrow us and launch their own team.

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