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Dr. Mark Hyman

A Fresh Start, a Fresh
eCommerce Experience

Mark and Dhru reached out to Anatta Design in March of 2015 with a strong desire to re architect their infrastructure. The current systems were clunky, outdated, and you couldn’t do much to build from it.

They were doing good. But they wanted to do amazing - they wanted to get to the next level. That meant a few key things:


We started with a team of 2 dedicated developers (1 frontend, 1 backend) and one full time designer from our own team. Starting there, we took the following steps:

Early 2015

took over management of all their web assets (over 25+ sites with social communities and eCommerce). Removed WordPress Multisite, unused/bad plugins, and bad theme code. Added in the healthy good stuff with Git Deployments, WPEngine site management, and great plugins

Mid 2015

launched our first online course called 10 Day Detox

End 2015

migrated their existing eComm platform used across 5 separate sites in .NET into Magento Enterprise. Maintained all data (including catalog, sales, etc) and rebuilt the entire frontend with new design.

Early 2016

launched the new sites and campaigns for Mark’s NYT Bestselling book, Eat Fat Get Thin. Helped transition the Wellness Practice store to Magento Enterprise as well.

Mid 2016

working to realize potential revenue from enhanced funnels and eCommerce experiences. Using a/b testing, we plan to redesign and enhance the site in small but powerful ways.

Results is a full fledged online business in 2016. They are able to release new products with ease, develop marketing plans with their website and their Mailchimp marketing lists, and manage full operations completely independent of Anatta Design. Anatta Design only acts in a maintenance role with existing functionalities while spending the majority of time on the NEXT steps to making the business grow.

Though their blog stays very active along with their social media presence, the business is flourishing and predictable. Plans can be made a few quarters in advance for budgets (finances), launches, and time off.

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