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Danielle LaPorte

From Blog to Online Business

Danielle and Angie reached out to Anatta Design in July of 2013 through a common friend, Latham (Mama Glow). was a successfully running blog making modest income from Affiliate campaigns and 3rd party ecommerce sales.

They were doing good. But they wanted to do amazing - they wanted to get to the next level. That meant a few key things:


We started with a team of 2 dedicated developers (1 frontend, 1 backend) and connected them with Digital Telepathy (one of our preferred design partners). Starting there, we took the following steps:

Early 2014

launched an integrated WordPress/WooCommerce web presence with a custom built theme. Using a proprietary technology we built, all pages and areas of marketing on their website are managed and run solely by marketing staff.

Mid 2014

moved to Rackspace managed hosting with failsafe servers to prevent downtime. Then extended our web presence to be fully responsive.

End 2015

moved operational tasks to various APIs (InfusionSoft, Fulfillment, Storify, Instagram/Facebook)

Early 2015

launched Desire Map Licensing which is an annual subscription service. With the launch of the service, predictability became easier.

Mid 2015

built custom reports that allowed accounting, finance team, and business team to make business decisions. started working on scaling to a brand new eCommerce system on Magento.

End 2015

launching the brand new web presence (full redesign) and very scalable eCommerce/content solution.

Early 2016

launched split payment feature for Licensees so that a $2000 can be split between multiple credit cards and over a few installments. Also launched a very thorough affiliate redemption program for the joint launch of Marie Forleo's Bschool.

Mid 2016

built an exhaustive list of custom eCommerce reports. Launched a Pay What You Can product in the spirit of Radio Head's music albums! And introduced a new affiliate system to empower affiliates with effective reporting.

End 2016

Redesigned and relaunched The Desire Map section of the website. Started the Magento 2 migration.

Early 2017

Prepared and executed a new redesign for the book launch of White Hot Truth. Also launched an updated affiliate redemption program for the joint launch of Marie Forleo's Bschool.

Results is a full fledged online business in 2017. They are able to release new products every quarter, develop marketing plans with their website and their Email Service Provider, and manage full operations completely independent of Anatta Design. Anatta Design only acts in a maintenance role with existing functionalities while spending the majority of time on the NEXT steps to making the business grow.

Though their blog stays very active along with their social media presence, the business is flourishing and predictable. Plans can be made a few quarters in advance for budgets (finances), launches, and time off.

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