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Brian DeChesare reached out to Anatta Design in October of 2008 with a completely new idea - can we teach people how to become investment bankers online. Brian’s blog Mergers & Inquisitions was gaining traction. While one service he offered of reviewing resumes and helping with job interviews was doing well, it wasn’t scalable. But teaching people the same things you learn in bSchool could be.

Brian wanted to start out lean. And he wanted to test the waters. So he did when he brought us on to:


We started with a team of 2 dedicated developers (1 frontend, 1 backend) and a project manager from our own team. Starting there, we took the following steps:


created v1 of the site with the use of WordPress, Wishlist Member, and Infusionsoft. All the systems still used in 2016.


launched downloadable video courses via Amazon S3 videos & JWPlayer


created v2 of the site which added features like taking notes, ability to maintain all downloads, and ability to see where you commented


created v3 of the site which added features like marking a lesson completed, quick navigation button, and a full quiz & certification feature


created v4 of the site which was fully responsive. The first time we went completely responsive and took the time to improve flow of users on mobile devices


launched v5 of the full site with a complete branding and design overhaul. Spent a lot of time on site usability improvements and ways to bring in the banking feel to the site.


switched to streaming video platform JW Platform and launched new video watching features like transcripts, bookmarking, HD mode, and more.

Results and are the leading investment banking educational sites in the world. They have officially put more than 25,000 students through their program and are being used by more than 25+ large institutions.

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