Our Strategy.

At Anatta, we design + develop websites that work great by following 5 simple rules.

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    Simple + Bold is the new cool

    Front-end design is all about simplicity. A solid product, story, or service speaks for itself. Too many graphics, images and icons only distract your user from what you really want them to do.

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    Use The Best, Ditch The Rest.

    There’s a handful of plug-ins we love and trust:WordPress SEO, W3 Total Cache, Google Analytics for WordPress, Akismet. Most others hurt your site speed and SEO rankings, or just break your site now or during upgrades. So we pick the best plug-ins wisely and code other features directly into your theme. Piece of cake.

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    It’s all about frontend optimization Speed comes first.

    A site that loads and works fast lets your visitors see more and stay longer. We improve speed by reducing third-party HTTP requests and optimizing front-end code using minified and singular CSS/JS files, smushed images, sprites, and more).

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    Keep it super clean!

    Tricks and cheats go only so far with search engine recognition. We’ve seen that true SEO value comes with great content, especially when search engines can read that content easily. That’s why we keep code super-clean and optimized: so search engines know where to find meta-tags andkeywords, and your site stays on the radar.

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    Finding the right tools for the best solutions.

    WordPress can do a heck of a lot. But, even as its evangelists, we’re the first to recognize that there are better tools for certain features. When you want social networks, CRM tools, shopping carts – we use other solutions. That way, WordPress can do what it does best, and other tools step in to add solid support for the features you want.


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who we are

who we are
We make e-commerce and
online publishing work
better and smarter.

Our products like AwesomeCheckout and My
Abandoned Carts are built to save users time
and help you convert. All of them were born out
of our work consulting with top online busi-
nesses like The Clean Program and Kangol to
create better performing Magento and Word-
Press experiences. At the end of the day, we
just like making stuff.

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what we do

what we do
We create things that have a
positive impact on the world.

We're always working to make digital
experiences better, faster and leaner.
We take the time to ask difficult
questions.It's the only way we'll find
better answers.

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