Our Expertise.

We’re nuts about WordPress. We use it. We design for it. We develop on it. Every. Single. Day. It’s our absolute favorite way of making websites.

It wasn’t always like this, though. We started as a web develo-pment company that used all sorts of CMS and custom solutions to develop websites. But we eventually got frustrated with bad backend interfaces, lack of support and community, unstable releases, or having to train our clients for 20+ hours.

Why WordPress?

Because it was so simple that we didn’t need to teach people how to use it. The backend interface was easy and intuitive. And the community support continues to be astou-nding. Whenever a developer or non-developer gets stuck, there’s always help to be found. So we’ve shifted all our focus and energy to WordPress for the last 4 years.

We learned everything from design and development to scaling the platform. We’ve worked with over 50 clients to design their sites for WordPress integration. We’ve developed over 100 custom themes. We’ve customized and developed over 25 plug-ins. And we release 2 premium themes in July 2011.

We’ve got more tricks up our sleeve

Just as WordPress is our solution of choice for CMS, we’ve found a shiny answer to our e-commerce prayers: Magneto.

So we’re taking the same path. We’ve got 2 years of experience with it and our expertise is growing something fierce

We’re Specialists

We understand the best practices. We know how to optimally design interfaces for WordPress integration. We know which existing plug-ins are best to use and when to write plug-ins/functions when a feature is required. We know how to optimize the frontend speed. We know how to use proper tagging for SEO. Yeah, we know our WordPress

AND HOW DO WE KNOW ALL THIS? Because we messed up enough times to learn what works and what doesn’t. We built sites that crumbled after 5000 unique visits in a day. We made sites that broke down in certain browsers. We had ones that took an entire 12 seconds to load. And learning from each scenario, we created a knowledge base of what works and what doesn’t. We reference that knowledge base now for every site that we build.

Our WordPress clinic

Armed with our knowledge of what breaks a site and what doesn’t, we can diagnose the core issues behind most WordPress-developed sites. Whether it’s the inability to scale, uncertainty about ideal plug-ins, slow load times, design discrepancies for certain features/functionalities based on browsers or devices, poor SEO ranking, or a combination of these –

We can help. And instead of providing quick fixes, we gun for long-term solutions that last across WordPress upgrades or browser updates. It’s our present to your future.


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who we are

who we are
We make e-commerce and
online publishing work
better and smarter.

Our products like AwesomeCheckout and My
Abandoned Carts are built to save users time
and help you convert. All of them were born out
of our work consulting with top online busi-
nesses like The Clean Program and Kangol to
create better performing Magento and Word-
Press experiences. At the end of the day, we
just like making stuff.

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what we do

what we do
We create things that have a
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We're always working to make digital
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