Card Verification Value (CVV): Is it required?

Over the past several years, one more field got added to everyone’s online checkout experience: Card Verification Value also known as CVV/CVV2*. You might recognize it as the 3 little digits on the back of your VISA / Mastercard. Every year we tend to be adding another required form element to the checkout. First it […]


Magento Responsive E-Commerce Design: SkinnyTies

SkinnyTies was the highlight of Magento Imagine 2013 boasting as the best Magento responsive e-commerce site design. And it was rightly deserved. Beyond following design trends like responsive and flat UI, what Skinnyties has done phenomenally well is sticking to mobile rules: big clear selectors/buttons that a fat finger can still push down on. keeping primary CTA’s above […]

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Awesome Checkout Releases: v1.4.4 – v1.4.0

We’ve had a few releases of Awesome Checkout while doing our site redesign that led us to not posting about them. But since we’re back up, we wanted to let our customers know about v1.4.4 and releases leading up to it from v1.3.0. Here’s the list of release notes for each of the releases: v1.4.4 respect […]